Set up Yourself to Protect Your Gambling Profits – Even if you Aren’t an Accountant

I want to start by informing you a quick story that highlights why organisation is so useful. About one year ago I was taking advantage of a lot of sports gambling on free offers in quick mahadewa88 succession. I went through probably six in under two weeks. It was great, the money was serving in £25 here £50 there.

I was pretty new to online gaming in those days and didn’t really care about keeping records of what I was doing. I recently went from offer to another and looked in on my bank account from time to time to make sure it was steadily increasing. Organisation and record keeping are for accountants – well that’s what I thought then.

A few months later I happened to log into a bookie account that we had forgotten that we had signed up to. It proved that we had placed £50 there and just forgot about it. Although £50 doesn’t sound like much money if i had done this several times it could have developed to a substantial amount.

I went and checked back through my emails and tried different sites that we may have already joined up to. I found another £75 in success that we had forgotten to withdraw from 4 months previously. There may have been more out there I really don’t know.

But that was enough money almost lost to make me reconsider my attitude towards keeping records. Now I keep track of the date I join a web page, the name of the site, the amount placed, the odds staked and laid (if I am matched betting), the internet profit and the details of any cashback I have received.

One benefit of this is that we had never considered before is that occasionally the bookie can make a misstep in your payout. I had never even checked before I started keeping records of my transactions. It also guarantees you will never forget a deposit that you have made and any cashback were supposed to pay to you can be chased up if it is not worth.

It is so simple to create a spreadsheet in shine or whatever package you use. Keeping it up to date is easy too – just get into the habit of recording the information as soon as you have made a bet or joined a new site. It soon becomes a habit that you will be glad you adopted.

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