BWIN and Harvard – Partnership Study in Conscience to help Understand the causes of Extreme Gambling

I am sure that we have all heard the negative statements that had been thrown at the direction of land-based and online playing casino companies. Many groups have claimed that they are the reasons that we have so many people that are addicted to playing in our society today that these groups of people usually don’t have much evidence to back their claims with. This is why it is great to see an online playing company take the สล็อต เว็บตรง step to try to support finding out why some people gamble compulsively and are addicted to it and that company is BWIN. BWIN and the Harvard Medical School which is one of the most well known medical research schools in the world have teamed up to join in a five year research study to try to find out what makes people addicted to playing to the point that it becomes the most important thing in their lives.

This five year long study is also being done with the help of the Cambridge health alliance and their division of addictions. The main function of this study is to try to identify what makes a playing addict, how to prevent playing addiction from occurring in the 1st and then what are the major steps that need to be taken to prevent playing addiction from ever forming in the 1st place. This is not some small research study as it will almost 50, 000 playing players. I need to say that applaud Manfred Bodner’s (CEO of BWIN) courage in taking the chance to undertake this partnership with Harvard. It shows me that not only is he a entrepreneur but he is a entrepreneur with a conscience will care for more than just making a quick dollar.

Hopefully this research study will cause other playing companies to step forward and start doing research partners of their own with the medical community not only in america but across the world. Playing addiction is a serious problem in our job as a human community is to try to understand it considerably better so that we can make decisions in our society in the near future as to how you can not only curb this disease but also how to make out and prevent it from occurring again. Gracias to everyone that were involved in this playing research study.

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